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Classics Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Studying Classics at university allows you to combine both history and literature and can lead to many exciting career options. Writing a good personal statement is the first step towards getting into university, so to start you off on the right foot, here is a sample Classics personal statement.

Throughout my education I have always been interested in both history and literature and I saw that a Classics degree was the perfect way to combine my passions. My interest in literature began at an early age when my parents read to me every day.

I became interested in history as an older child and enjoyed many school trips and weekend afternoons spent in museums and local historical attractions such as the Natural History Museum. I was first able to combine my love of history and literature at A Level when I studied Classics.

I hope that I will have more chance to participate in the practical side of history during my time at university as I enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in local archaeological digs as part of my course.

Outside of my academic commitments I am a keen writer and hope to soon complete a collection of short stories to submit for publication. To further develop my writing skills I attend a local writing group and have recently started a book club with members of the group.

I work part time at a local historical attraction, the Tudor House Museum, which involves giving guided tours of the premises and answering questions from visitors and the local press about our exhibitions and the history of the building.

My work have given me a greater insight into another period of history and helped me to develop strong teamwork and communication skills. I am confident in following my own initiative and enjoy meeting new people.

I hope that my time at university, and the skills, experience, and abilities, will enable me to gain an entry level position in a museum after graduation. I also hope to continue writing alongside studying for my degree.

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