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Civil Engineering Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

What inspires me about engineering is that it touches so many aspects of our lives. The roads we travel on, the vehicles on them, bridges, motorways and homes are all products of engineering and design. Subspecialties such as electronic engineering have become vast areas of study, research and achievement in their own right, producing all the modern gadgets that we take for granted such as mobile phones, computers, telecommunications and the internet. The prospects for combining a thorough grounding in the science of engineering with elements of design and creativity really appeal to me and I would like to forge a career in which I can make a lasting difference.

One of my heroes is Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He was way ahead of his time, working as a modern engineer before it was really considered a serious scientific discipline. His vision to build the Great Western Railway and then enable it to link up to North America via the first even propeller-powered iron ships was revolutionary. It is possible to gain great insights into modern engineering by looking at the great works done by engineers in the past as well as contemporary specialists. This is a fast moving field and the first half of the 21st century should see massive changes. Just thinking about what was possible 40 years ago and what is possible now, I am very keen to be part of that continuing evolution during my career as an engineer.

Outside engineering I have a passion for football, competing at home in the regional championship matches as goal keeper. I like the unique position of goalie as it feels good to be such a lynchpin for the whole team. Although a match can involve being out of play much of the time, I maintain a high level of fitness. I belong to my local Athletics Club and my special event is the 400 metres hurdles. I have taken part in several charity events to raise money to improve local sports facilities and, in the last year, we have managed to raise enough to start building a new athletics track.

Growing up in Kiev in the Ukraine I have witnessed first-hand the extreme difference between the traditional, rural way of life, with few mechanised or engineered tools, with the expansion and development of the city itself. Eastern Europe is still in a phase of active growth, despite the global recession and my desire to study in the UK is also motivated by my interest in other European cultures. Experiencing university life and living in the UK for three years will expand my horizons and enable me to play an even greater contribution when I return home.

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