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Chemistry Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I was always curious as a child and I was also very interested in magic. As I grew up and reached secondary education I realised that the formal study of Chemistry was the perfect combination of magic and science and would keep my constant curiosity at bay.

I very much enjoy all of the science-based subjects; however it is Chemistry that I wish to study to the highest level so I can be part of cutting edge developments in both the science and medical industries.

My interest in medicine began when I was being treated with antibiotics for an infection as a small child. Since then I have been constantly fascinated with how medical science has evolved so that we can cure illnesses that would have once been fatal, or at the very least severely life threatening.

With a future career in medicine in mind I completed a work experience period at my local hospital. This time allowed me to observe various departments of the hospital and gain some hands-on laboratory experience. I also worked in the hospital pharmacy which gave me further insight into how diseases are diagnosed and which drugs can be effective in their treatment.

Outside of school I enjoy travelling, in particular to France, where I have spent many summers learning the language and enjoying their culture. I also enjoy cooking, reading, socialising, and playing the guitar.

I feel that my linguistic skills, including French, German, and Spanish, will help me in my future career and allow me the opportunity to consider roles abroad. During my time at school and whilst travelling I have also picked up teamwork skills, independent research skills, and the ability to use my own initiative in challenging situations.

I hope that by further studying Chemistry I will have a good chance of becoming a Research Scientist, particularly working with drug treatments. The ever changing needs of society mean that Chemistry will always be an important part of our lives and I feel that it really will be an honour to be involved in the future of medical science. 

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