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Catering Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

Whether you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver, like to produce dazzling culinary creations, or want to open the next big thing in restaurant chains, a qualification in Catering could be the right choice.

If you’re wonderful with a whisk but struggling to cook up a storm with your personal statement take a look at our example Catering personal statement to give you some ideas.

I have enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember, having been introduced to it at an early age by my Mother who owned a successful café and tea room. For me cooking is not simply a way to feed ourselves but a way of enriching our lives and expressing our creativity.

Decorating cakes as a child allowed me to practice more delicate techniques and learn how to combine colours and presentation that is pleasing to the diner. Baking has always been a passion of mine and I hope that my time studying Catering at a higher level will allow me to develop more complex skills.

At school I excelled in Food Technology and worked towards my Basic Food Hygiene certificate in my part time job at a national restaurant chain. Formally studying cookery introduced me to established ideas about nutrition, a subject about which I have done much independent research since, particularly sports nutrition.

Outside of school I lead a very active lifestyle as a regular runner and horse rider. I often compete in horse riding at county level and having a better understanding of sports nutrition has enabled me to improve my performance.

I am a keen traveller and enjoy experiencing food from different countries and cultures. I hope to spend more time travelling in the future so I can learn different cooking styles and techniques from the countries I visit.

Whilst at university I hope to gain more practical work experience and use my already high standards of skills and knowledge to gain an entry level position in a professional kitchen. After graduating I am interested in pursuing a career in sports nutrition.

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