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Business Law Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

As well as always being interested in the rights and wrongs of society and how the legal system helps to bring justice to those who have committed a crime I have also always been fascinated by all aspects of business.

With this in mind I studied both Law and Business Studies at college, alongside Politics and Economics. During my AS Level year I also studied Critical Thinking which helped me to develop my debating and analytical skills.

I thoroughly enjoyed studying all of my A Level subjects and when it came to choosing a degree subject I knew that a degree combining aspects of both Law and Business was the right choice for me.

My interest in business led me to gain as much work experience as possible during my education and throughout college I worked part time in my local department store which gave me first-hand experience of how a business works on a local level.

I hope that during university I will be able to undertake a work experience placement with a company that trades internationally so that I can learn about how trading and commerce changes when carried out on an international marketplace.

My work experience has given me many personal attributes and I feel that I can communicate effectively, work well in a team, and understand the need for organisation and good time management when faced with multiple tasks to complete in a short space of time.

Outside my educational commitments I am very interested in music and regularly attend performances around the country. Although I am not an accomplished musician myself I hope that I will find the opportunity to learn to play an instrument at university, in particular the piano.

I also enjoy singing and take regular lessons, which I also hope to continue at university.

I look forward to the challenges life at university will present and feel that the skills, experience, and knowledge that my time at university will equip me with will enable me to gain an entry level position in a well-respected solicitor’s firm after graduating. 

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