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Business and Law Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

I have always been interested in both business and law and am relishing the opportunity to study both subjects to degree level. From an early age I have been exposed to the day to day aspects of running a business as my family owned a restaurant. This has given me a valuable insight into how a local business runs, what makes good customer service, and how to correctly look after the financial side of a business to ensure prosperity.

I first became interested in the legal system after watching television programmes such as “Judge John Deed” and although I realise that real life court rooms are very different I still feel that fiction plays an enormous role in most peoples’ understanding of how our legal system works.

At school I excelled in analytical subjects including English and Ethics. This led me to choose English Literature, Politics, Law, and Business Studies at college, all of which I continued to A Level.

To further my experience of the legal system I took part in a trip organised by the college to the Old Bailey and an additional trip to Winchester Crown Court which gave me an invaluable insight into how court cases are carried out and how a case is built around a crime.

By being involved in the family business from a young age I feel I have a strong work ethic and know that it takes hard work and determination to achieve your goals. My passion for sports has also given me drive and ambition as I regularly compete in national equestrian events.

Reaching my personal goals whilst competing has given me a great sense of achievement and I hope to be able to combine my studies with competitions during my time at university.

After completing my Business and Law degree with your university I hope to gain further work experience and enter into further study whilst continuing to learn about the British legal system. I am especially interested in aspects of commercial law and how this affects businesses both in the UK and internationally. 

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