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Biology Personal Statement Example

Sample Statement

For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in how the human body works and this translated into me excelling in science-based subjects when I reached school.

As well as having a strong interest in how the human body works I have also always been interested in the natural world and the animal kingdom. As a child I spent many hours watching wildlife documentaries and studying the birds and insects that fed in the garden of my family home.

When I reached school I began to develop the research and independent study skills that helped me to achieve high marks in all my subjects both at school and college. Other subjects I enjoyed were Mathematics and Physical Education as I feel that an active, outdoors lifestyle helps me to balance my academic responsibilities with my personal life.

Outside of school I spend a lot of time at zoos and wildlife centres in order to learn more about animals, both native and more exotic. I also enjoy reading, dining out, cooking at home, and am involved with several local sports clubs.

During my time at school I completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and continued the challenge by being awarded my DoE Silver Award at college. Not only did this give me several transferrable skills such as teamwork, problem solving, and being able to use my own initiative but it also highlighted how hard the human body works when challenged.

I feel that these skills, as well as my laboratory experience, passion, and dedication to Biology will enable me to become a model student and gain all the qualifications and knowledge I need to achieve my future goals.

After completing a Biology degree I hope to put my practical experience to good use and continue my education by entering into the formal study of Forensic Science.

I would also like to continue my study of the animal kingdom by doing conservation work during my summers away from university and gain a deeper knowledge of some of the most endangered species in the world.

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