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Art and Design Personal Statement

Sample Statement

For as long as I can remember I have been creative and enjoyed drawing. At an early age I could be found doodling or colouring in any piece of paper I could get my hands on, including my mother’s bank statements!

A defining moment in my creative career was visiting the National Portrait Gallery for the first time as a young child. The idea of generations of important historical figures being brought together under one roof all in the name of art fascinated me.

I excelled in art and craft projects during primary school, something which continued throughout my educational career as I took on several ambitious mixed media projects during my GCSE and ‘A’ Level years.

The formal study of Art and Design during my time at school has equipped me with the skill set to use a variety of techniques and materials. However, I still feel that I have a long journey ahead of me to become the artist I wish to be, and that a place on the Art and Design course would help me achieve my goals.

Outside of school I spend a lot of time taking photographs, visiting galleries and museums, and reading graphic novels. I have also taken an animation course independently to further explore the way this style of art is used.

I hope to travel, UK and abroad, more during my time at university as I feel this opens up new opportunities and provides a huge amount of inspiration.

Having volunteered at my local gallery I understand the business aspects associated with being an artist, holding exhibitions, and conducting sales and deals. My time with the gallery also taught me a lot about the correct way to display art, sculptures, and installations.

I very much look forward to honing my craft with a group of like-minded people and discovering how their interpretations either agree, or are in conflict with, my own.

After completing the course I hope to have produced work worthy of being submitted to galleries and aim to become a gallery curator and working artist. 

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