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Archaeology Personal Statement Example

My interest in history and archaeology began as a child when I dug up bits of broken crockery from my Grandmother’s garden. Although these were not ancient, and in fact originated because the bottom of the garden had been used as a rubbish heap in previous years, the mystery and the sense of uncovering the past excited and fascinated me.

With this in mind I continued to enjoy the study of history throughout school and picked up the formal study of archaeology when I reached college. I also studied Sociology to give me a grasp of how societies develop and interact as I feel this is the key to understanding ancient civilisations.

I was a member of my school History Club and a junior member of my local Archaeology Society, a membership that I wish to renew as an adult to continue discovering the history of my community and local area.

During my time at school I took Latin lessons as an extra-curricular activity as I feel a grasp of this language will be highly beneficial to unlocking the past and understanding the importance of archaeological finds, particularly those from the Roman period.

Outside of school I worked part time in my local museum which allowed me to learn more about the business aspects associated with uncovering the past. This employment also developed my teamwork abilities and allowed me to observe the correct way to catalogue, store, and display archaeological finds.

Throughout my life I have been a dedicated follower of the Channel 4 programme ‘Time Team’ and have volunteered to be part of their digs whenever they have been local to me. This valuable excavation experience not only fuelled my passion for the subject but also helped me developed the skill set I will need for my future career.

After completing my degree I hope to continue to participate in more field work, both in the UK and abroad. I am also considering the possibility of becoming a teacher or museum curator so I can help other people discover the mysteries and thrills of the past. 

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