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Anthropology Personal Statement Example

Having always been a ‘people watcher’ I find the formal study of Anthropology a fascinating and multi-faceted focus. During my educational career I enjoyed a wide range of subjects and I feel that the multiple disciplines covered by an Anthropology degree would cater to all my criteria for a degree course.

A defining moment in my deciding that Anthropology was the subject I wanted to study at university was reading the book “Mapping Human History” by Steve Olson. This book gave me a grounding in the history of the human race and inspired me to do further reading and research.

At school I enjoyed History, Ethics, and Literature they helped me to gain further insight into how human relationships are built and develop. This is something I hope an Anthropology degree will continue to teach me.

My fascination with how society functions influenced my ‘A’ Level choices, where I studied Sociology and Psychology in order to understand both the social and the scientific aspects of human interaction.

Outside of school I enjoy foreign language films, in particular the Spanish films of Guillermo del Toro, volunteering for local projects, such as ‘Silver Surfers’, learning new languages, and travelling.

I recently volunteered in Kenya to help build a school for the local community. My time there not only introduced me to the indigenous tribal people but also helped to develop my teamwork skills as we worked together towards a common goal.

Once the school was complete I also taught several classes before I returned home which was not only a great experience but also really gave me a sense of responsibility and leadership.

I hope to continue my charity work throughout my university career and continue to study a subject that I am both dedicated to and passionate about. I am also considering a position teaching English to school children in Peru for my next trip.

After completing my degree I would like to gain a position in a large organisation such as UNICEF in order to continue the work already started helping developing countries reach their full potential. 

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