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Anatomy Statement Example

Sample Statement

From an early age I have always been interested in how the human body works and am constantly amazed by the mechanics and challenges that the body brings. My interest in medicine and anatomy began when I broke my arm as a young child and I was fascinated by the operations and recovery that followed.

During my time at school I excelled in science based subjects, achieving “A” grades at GCSE in all of the sciences. Biology has always been my favourite science subject and my high grades continued into my time at college. My aspirations for a medical career were reflected in my A Level choices when I chose Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, and Maths.

My choice of subjects helped me to develop my analytical skills and furthered my knowledge in a variety of medical areas. Studying for A Levels also helped me to develop good time management and independent study skills, as well as teaching me how to deal with pressure and stress.

To help me gain further knowledge and give me a taste of what working the medical profession is like I organised a work experience placement shadowing my local GP. This allowed me to discuss in detail all aspects of a medical career with the doctors and gave me an insight into the daily running of a GP surgery.

Following this work experience period I volunteered at a home for the elderly to help me develop my caring skills and “bedside manner”. This time was useful in showing me how age takes its toll on our bodies and how physical activity is still important in a more mature age.

Outside of school I am a keen horse rider and regularly compete both locally and nationally. I hold various qualifications in horse care and management including equine first aid.

I look forward to learning more about medicine and anatomy during my course, particularly any work experience opportunities I may have. I hope that my course will help me build on my already strong foundation and enhance my chances of having a successful medical career.

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