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American Studies Personal Statement Example

“We cannot understand where we are going until we understand where we have been.” For me, this quotation epitomises not only my fascination with history, but my fascination with American history in particular.

Despite being a relatively ‘new’ nation and being populated largely by descendants of immigrants from other nations no one stands as proudly and as patriotically as the American people. I feel that my passion for history and for American will be perfectly combined by undertaking an American Studies degree.

My passion for ‘the States’ first began when I visited New York aged eight. The enormous skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle, and the amazing variety of people all living and working together captivated me so much that I have been back to America almost every year since then.

When choosing my ‘A’ Levels I specifically chose subjects that would help me gain more knowledge by studying History, Film Studies, and Literature. I was also involved in the Youth Enterprise scheme and assisted with the design of a commemorative mural in the college sport’s hall.

Outside of school I am heavily involved in sports and enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle. I am a member of my local football and cricket teams, as well as being a regular runner and swimmer.

I also enjoy visiting museums, volunteering for my local hospital radio, and am pursuing the possibility of joining Camp America next summer so I can experience the American summer camp way of life.

I feel that I am reliable, responsible, passionate, and dedicated. My time in education and playing organised sports has taught me to work well in a team and I hope to further develop my skill set during my time at university.

After completing my degree I hope to work in America with a view to becoming an American Studies lecturer myself, be this in American itself, or in another country. I feel that my knowledge and passion for the country will help inspire others to learn, discover, and immerse themselves in the rich and varied culture of the United States of America. 

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