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Actuarial Science Personal Statement

Finding a degree that allowed me to combine my passions both for Mathematics and Statistics was part of my essential criteria when looking for a university. Having enjoyed studying Mathematics throughout my educational career and picking up Statistics during my ‘A’ Levels I felt that Actuarial Science was the perfect combination of disciplines.

As well as a strong appreciation for Mathematics and Statistics I also have a great deal of business sense, which was demonstrated during by my time spent involved with my school’s Young Enterprise group. I feel that partnering business with Mathematics in a practical sense is the key to the future success of our economy, and indeed our planet.

Alongside my involvement with Young Enterprise I also held a number of roles at school including Prefect, House Captain, and Chair of our Future Leaders scheme. These roles helped me develop my time management, organisational, and leadership skills, as well as giving me a sense of responsibility.

Outside of school I am heavily involved with my local sports teams including football, cricket, and running which have helped me to develop my already strong sense of working well as a team.

I enjoy working with like-minded people to achieve a common goal which has not only helped me excel in sports but also spurs me on to achieve only the best for those I am working with.

I feel that my analytical skills, my solid judgement, and my organisational abilities all make me the perfect candidate for an Actuarial Science degree and I hope that the further education will enable me to excel in my future career.

I am responsible, reliable, and able to be versatile when faced with new challenges or situations. I look forward to learning more about every aspect of Actuarial Science during my time at university and I also hope to become involved with another enterprise scheme.

My passion, my skills, and above all, my dedication to ensuring society stays financially stable makes me the ideal candidate for an Actuarial Science degree, and indeed, for my future career as an actuary. 

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