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10 things not to put in your personal statement

To help you figure out which things are best to leave out of your personal statement here is a list of 10 things to avoid writing:

  1. Skip the quotes and clichés - If you’re using a popular quote or phrase then other applicants will be too. The aim of your personal statement is to show you’re unique, not make you sound like everyone else.
  2. Skip the jokes too - The admissions tutor doesn’t know you and you aren’t there to explain why something is funny, so leave the jokes for your friends.

  3. Irrelevant personal facts - Your personal statement is meant to show why you are the right candidate for the course so filling it with irrelevant facts such as you like to swim on holiday is just taking up valuable space that could be better used.
  4. Lies - If you haven’t done it or can’t do it, don’t say that you have or can. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Plagiarism - All universities use plagiarism detection software so as much as you might like the personal statement examples you find on the internet you will get caught if you copy them.
  6. Negative comments - Talk about prizes, awards, qualifications, and any other relevant experience that makes you look good. Don’t say you were a mediocre student or couldn’t play football to save your life.
  7. Random lists - Lists are boring, fact. Listing every book you’ve ever read or all the countries you’ve visited isn’t going to impress anyone or demonstrate why you’re the candidate the university should pick.
  8. Boasting - Ok so you should sell yourself but making sweeping boasts about your abilities will just make it harder for you to live up to the university’s expectations if you get accepted.
  9. “I like socialising” etc - Statements like this make admissions tutors yawn. They don’t care where you like to party or hang out so leave it out.
  10. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation - Your personal statement needs to be 100% perfect, make sure it is before you submit it. 

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