Working Whilst Studying

Balancing Work and Study

These days, it’s fairly common for students to get a part time job whilst they’re at university. After all, the cost of living isn’t getting any lower, and something’s got to pay for all those drinks and late night kebabs.

However, working whilst studying isn’t as easy as it looks and you may find that you’re struggling to keep up with your commitments, especially around assessment periods.

Whatever you do, you need to make sure your degree comes first. You don’t want to look back and realise that your grades suffered because you spent too much time at work and not enough time in the library.

Here are some top tips to help you combine working with studying successfully.

Be realistic

Most students would love to get jobs that relate to their chosen career or cool jobs that look great on paper, but chances are those sorts of jobs are either not available or they won’t fit in with your studies.

All jobs, even the ones that seem menial, have transferrable skills. Don’t write off a job just because it doesn’t match your dream career. A good reference from a past employer will always look good, regardless of what your role actually entailed. 

Manage your time wisely

Working more hours means earning more money, but it’s important not to get carried away if you’re going to be working during term. You’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to concentrate on your studies.

You might find that you need time off during exam periods. Make sure your part time job can accommodate this before you accept the position. 

Cash in on your spare time

The internet has given thousands of people the chance to earn a few extra pounds during their spare time, and students are one group of people that are perfect for this.

Online surveys, reviews, and quizzes all pay and can all be completed in your spare time. They may not pay much, but it all adds up and could be a valuable contribution to your ‘going out fund’.