What Grades Do I Need to Apply for Business courses?

What grades do I need to apply for Business courses?

Degree courses such as Business, Management, and Accountancy are generally open to students with a variety of A Level subjects, although you may find that individual universities have subjects that they prefer you to take.

A business degree is a fantastic way to give yourself a fairly broad education and develop many transferrable skills that would be useful for any future career.

Business graduates have many skills that are highly sought after by a range of employers and your degree will give you a good foundation in the core principles of international business and everything it involves.

If you fancy yourself as the next Sir Alan Sugar but you want a solid education to get you started, Business, or a similar subject is a great degree option.

What kind of business courses are available?

There are actually a variety of degrees that come under the umbrella term of “business” that you can apply for depending on whether you’re interested in a specific aspect of business or you just want to study business as a more general subject.

The most common type of undergraduate business course is a degree in Business Studies. These degrees cover aspects of business including accounting, management, finance, and in more recent years, entrepreneurship.

If you’d prefer to study a particular aspect of business in more depth then consider taking a course such as:

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Hospitality and Catering Management
  • Event Management
  • Human Resources Management

You could also consider taking a joint honours degree and combining Business Studies with a more specialist subject such as Marketing.

What are the essential A Level subjects?

You’ll need to check with each university that you apply to for their entry requirements but usually there aren’t any essential A Level subjects that Business applicants need to take.

In some cases universities may require you to have a Maths A Level for a Business course to ensure you have the necessary skills to cope with the accounting and/or finance modules of the course.

What are the desirable A Level subjects?

Although there may not be specific A Level subjects you need to take to meet the entry requirements to study Business there are some A Levels that may help you develop the skills you’ll need for your degree.

Desirable A Level subjects include:

  • Maths
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • IT
  • Travel and Tourism

Some universities may be happy with you having taken one of the desirable subjects just as an AS Level and others may want you to have completed the full A Level.

If you haven’t yet finalised your choices for your second year at college it may be advisable to check the entry requirements for any universities you’re thinking of applying to.

What grades do I need to apply for Business courses?

Entry requirements for each university will vary but generally you’ll be expected to have five or more GCSEs at A-C grades and three or more A Level passes.

If you haven’t studied in the UK, or you have alternative qualifications, then check with the university to see what equivalent grades you’ll need before applying.

Are there any other entry requirements for a Business course?

Your degree will prepare you for a career that could stretch across any sector or industry so work experience in any sector will look good on your university application.

For example, a part time job in the retail industry should give you a good working knowledge of how a retail store is run.

Equally, a work placement in an administration role would give you a better understanding of how a business in run and the processes involved in that business.

Although universities may not require you to have work experience to apply these placements or jobs all help you to stand out to the admissions tutors. Having a good personal statement will give universities a reason to choose you over other applicants that may have the same academic record.

What can I do with my Business degree after graduation?

As we said above, a Business degree could lead you to a career in any sector or industry.

Common career paths include moving into Accountancy and Finance, Business Management, Recruitment, HR, or the Retail sector.

Many graduates also move on the graduate recruitment schemes to get their foot in the door in entry level positions.