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Accounting and Finance,BA (Hons)

Accounting and Finance,MAcc (Hons)

Accounting and Finance,MSc

Accounting and Management,BA (Hons)

Accounting and Management,MAcc (Hons)

American Studies and History with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

American Studies and Politics with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

American Studies with options to Study Abroad,BA (Hons)

Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies,BA (Hons)

Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law,MSc

Applied Criminology,MSc

Applied Global Practice (Management),MA

Applied Global Practice (Management),MSc

Applied Sport and Exercise Science,MSc

Archaeological Practice,BSc (Hons)

Archaeological Practice with Professional Placement,BSc (Hons)

Archaeology,BA (Hons)

Archaeology,BSc (Hons)




Broadcast Television and Media Production,BA (Hons)

Business Administration (DBA),Doctorate

Business Management (top up),BA (Hons)

Business Management,BA (Hons)

Business Management for Information Technology,BA (Hons)

Business Management for Information Technology,FdA

Business Management,MSc

Business Management with Enterprise and Innovation,BA (Hons)



Childhood Studies (top-up),BA (Hons)

Childhood Studies,FdA

Childhood Youth and Community Studies,BA (Hons)

Choreography and Dance,BA (Hons)

Classical Studies,BA (Hons)

Classical Studies,MClass (Hons)

Comedy: Performance and Production,BA (Hons)

Creative and Critical Writing,MA

Creative and Professional Writing,BA (Hons)

Creative Arts (Performing Arts),Doctorate

Creative Writing,BA (Hons)

Criminology,BA (Hons)

Cultural and Arts Management,MA

Cultural Heritage and Resource Management,MA



Death, Religion and Culture,MA

Delivery of Primary Health Care,MSc

Digital & Technology Solutions (Business Management),BSc (Hons)

Digital & Technology Solutions,BSc (Hons)

Digital Media Design,BA (Hons)

Digital Media Development,BSc (Hons)

Digital Media Practice,MA

Digital Media Practice: Interaction Design,MA

Digital Media Practice: Visualisation,MA

Drama,BA (Hons)



Early Years Education and Care (with Early Years Teacher Status),PgCert

Education (EdD),Doctorate


Education Studies (Early Childhood),BA (Hons)

Education Studies (Early Childhood),MEd Stud (Hons)

Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education),BA (Hons)

Education Studies (Special and Inclusive Education),MEd Stud (Hons)

Education Studies,BA (Hons)

Education Studies,MEd Stud (Hons)

English Language Studies,BA (Hons)

English Literature,BA (Hons)

English Literature with English Language,BA (Hons)

English with American Literature,BA (Hons)

Event Management,BA (Hons)

Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration)


Performing Arts,BA (Hons)

Philosophy of Education,MA

Philosophy, Politics and Economics,BA (Hons)

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics,BA (Hons)

Politics and Global Studies,BA (Hons)

Popular Music,BA (Hons)

Primary 3-7,PGCE

Primary 5-11,PGCE

Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (3 years),BEd (Hons)

Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (4 years),BEd (Hons)

Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (4 years),MEd (Hons)

Project Management,MSc

Psychological Science,BSc (Hons)

Psychology and Child Development,BSc (Hons)

Psychology and Cognition,BSc (Hons)

Psychology,BSc (Hons)



Reconciliation and Peacebuilding,MA


Religion Ethics and Society,MTh




Secondary Religious Education,PGCE

Social Psychology,BSc (Hons)

Social Research in Education,MRes

Social Work,BSc (Hons)

Social Work,MSc

Sociology,BA (Hons)

Sport and Exercise Psychology,MSc

Sport and Exercise Science,BSc (Hons)

Sport and Exercise Science,MSci (Hons)

Sport Psychology and Coaching,BSc (Hons)

Sports Business and Marketing,BA (Hons)

Sports Coaching,BSc (Hons)

Sports Studies,BA (Hons)

Street Arts: Performance and Production,BA (Hons)

Strength, Conditioning and Fitness,BSc (Hons)



Theatre for Children and Young People,BA (Hons)

Theatre Production (Arts and Stage Management),BA (Hons)

Theology and Practice,Doctorate

Theology, Religion and Ethics,BA (Hons)



Vigiling with the Dying,PgCert



Writing for Children,MA

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