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NMITE - Be part of it

NMITE - Be part of it

NMITE - Be part of it



We’ve changed everything – from curriculum to classroom, accessibility to assessments, industry partnerships to internships.  And, of course, admissions. That’s because we’re looking to bring a different, broader, more diverse pool of people to study the amazing field of engineering at NMITE.

To help make sure NMITE is right for you, our admissions is about getting to know you, and making sure you to have the chance to get to know us. First question to ask yourself: Am I curious? Engineers are by nature problem solvers and if you’re one, we want to get to know you. If you’ve got passion and grit, that’s even better.



What’s an NMITE Engineer?

  • A visionary thinker able to identify and frame challenges; 
  • An innovator and problem-solver able to address challenges using creativity, judgment, imagination, and from multiple perspectives; 
  • A curious and passionate lifelong learner, interested in subjects beyond engineering and how those subjects apply to your personal, professional, and academic lives; 
  • An engaged citizen who cares about the context of your work and wants to make a difference in your community; 
  • A confident, persuasive leader able to challenge existing thinking; 
  • An articulate communicator capable of working in teams and individually on diverse tasks; 
  • A highly skilled and employable professional who can adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing work environment. 

Oh, and a darn good engineer too!



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