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For smart, curious, and ambitiously altruistic year 12s of any and all subjects

How to choose a degree that helps you help others

5-week online programme setting you up to help others, save lives, or change the course of history. 

You’ll get practical guidance on deciding what’s best to study at uni.

Programme overview

Week 1: What really matters? Knowing your goals

  • Clarifying what you want, so you can actually get it
  • Passion isn’t enough: Exploring what would make a degree fulfilling
  • How to achieve 100s of times more by considering who to help

Week 2: You can save lives without a medical degree

  • Estimating which actions save the most lives
  • Realising your potential: SMART goals for smart people
  • How to change the course of history

Week 3: Strategies to set yourself up for success

  • Slow and steady wins the race: how to achieve more (later)
  • Picking what to leave to later life learning
  • Risking the right amount: leaning into success vs trying new things

Week 4: How to rank and investigate your options

  • Listing your options, including the niche ones
  • Using quick experiments to avoid degrees you’ll regret
  • Scoring your options, including backups

Week 5: Deciding your own future

  • Finalising a plan: making progress while keeping options open
  • Marking milestones to check you’re on track
  • Top tips for landing your top choice


Weekly structure

1-2 hours: Self-paced exploration

Interactive videos, engaging quizzes, practical checklists, and other activities to help you explore your options

1 hour: Discussion group call

Weekly check-in and discussion with an advisor and 3-5 peers

Optional: Subject-specific meetups

Optional chats and virtual hangouts with participants exploring similar subjects to you

Optional: Community conversations

Discord channel, paired 1:1s, and opportunities to get to know each other


The programme also offers:

  • A cohort of smart and curious like-minded people

  • Advice and personal statement review from current or former Oxbridge students & admissions staff

  • £100’s worth of free books of your choice


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Dates: 27th February to 31st March, 2023 (finished by most schools’ Easter holidays)

Who: Smart, curious, and ambitiously altruistic year 12s currently living or studying in the UK. The programme is for any and all degree types — STEM, humanities, social sciences.

Applications: Apply here by Sunday 12th February, 2023