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Student's Union

City Students’ Union (CULSU) works to improve the experience of City students. It provides independent advice on academic issues through the Union Support Service (USS). It also organises events and supports student clubs and societies, Raising and Giving (RAG) activity, student media and student-led environmental projects, so that you can play a full part in the City community and make the most of your time at City.

Elected student officers represent you before the University and nationally: they ensure that your voice is heard on key student issues and lobby to make sure that you have the support you need to excel. The Students’ Union supports University academic representation by training and supporting student course representatives. To find out more about CULSU, visit



Clubs and societies

The Students’ Union supports social, academic, political and cultural clubs and societies that reflect the diverse interests and origins of the City student body. It also handles the representation and social activities of the University’s sports teams. From Amnesty to Anime and musical theatre to mountaineering, there is something for everyone and if your interest is not catered for, the Students’ Union can support you to create a new club or society.


Student Support

With comprehensive support for students from day one and a vibrant social and cultural life, City students quickly feel at home.

Our award-winning Student Centre can help students with practical help related to your finances, accommodation, travelling around London, your course and medical support.

The Chaplaincy and Faith Advisory team provides support and guidance to students and staff regardless of faith and belief.

The Student Health Service is a nurse-led advisory service available to all students. City provides a daily drop-in clinic for advice with minor illnesses, injuries and general health information. 

Professional and confidential counselling services are also available on campus. This includes group and individual counselling sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, workshops, mental health advice and mentoring.

Students with diagnosed mental health conditions are also supported with accessing reasonable adjustments, including examination arrangements. City also has a dedicated team to support students with specific learning differences.

City’s Disability Service also provides a range of services for disabled students. Students also have the opportunity to develop their study skills to learn more effectively and boost their performance.

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