Want to be a billionaire? Choose the right degree!

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One of the biggest reasons to go to university is the better career prospects that come with having a degree, so if there’s a degree course that can make you a billionaire – why wouldn’t you sign up?!

A recent study has shown that if you’re looking to have a healthy bank balance after graduation then you should be studying Engineering. According to the research more than a 22% of the world’s wealthiest people studied engineering related courses at university.

The study also revealed that 12% of billionaires studied a business related course and 9% have a degree in an arts related subject.

The Forbes’ 100

Approved Index – the business-to-business buying platform who carried out the study – used the Forbes’ list of the richest 100 people in the world as their basis for the research.

Just 4% of the 100 people on the list had studied a maths or science degree, although the strong turnout of engineering graduates supports the argument of those who campaign for a stronger emphasis on STEM subjects (includes science, technology, maths, and engineering) in schools.

Not only are there a higher number of billionaire engineering graduates in the top 100 but they are also lucky enough to be the richest. They have an average wealth of $25.8bn in comparison to the $24bn of billionaires without a degree and $22bn of those who studied finance.

Girl power

If you’re female there is also a financial advantage to studying engineering. Just one A Level in an engineering related subject could lead to you earning £4500 more per year.

Studying two STEM subjects could increase your future earnings by up to a third.

Article _billionaires 01Education, education, education

A boost for STEM subjects could mean that our billionaires look very different in the future to the way they do today.

For example, more students are studying chemistry, physics, biology, and maths than ever before.

Location, location, location

Where you go to university could also have an impact on how much you earn in the future.

Oxbridge graduates earn a starting salary that’s £7600 higher than other graduates and the London Business School has been found to have the most lucrative alumni in the UK.