Netflix series that will make you change your mind about your degree

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Often we watch TV to escape the reality of our mundane lives and thanks to Netflix for just £5.99 per month you can have all the escapism you want. Some famous Netflix series are better than others and they can be pretty life changing as you watch your favourite characters rise and fall.

So, which degree subjects could have you living the high life just like your favourite fictional friends?


Cool job by day, ruthless serial killer by night – who doesn’t want to be Dexter Morgan?

Article _netflix 02Geeks everywhere rejoiced at having a TV series that finally showed that time in the lab pays off, big time. After all, who doesn’t want an amazing house, cute kid, and cool family? We just suggest you skip the killing part…

How to do it: you have a few options when it comes to a degree. Forensic, Crime Scene, or Criminal Biology could all lead to a Dexter level of coolness.


Article _netflix 05Harvey Specter has a career that most lawyers, and impoverished students for that matter, would envy. $5000 suits, good looking women, a swish office, and more black coffee than you could ever drink.

Luckily you don’t need to graduate from Harvard to have that life and you really could be the next Harvey Specter…

How to do it: you’ll need a degree in Law, so if you haven’t decided which subject to study and you fancy a slice of Harvey’s life, choose Law.

Ugly Betty

Article _netflix 06If you feel fashion journalism is your calling and you want the likes of Vogue, Tatler, or Elle begging you to work for them then you’re probably a fan of our favourite Queen’s girl does good – Betty Suarez.

Your degree is the first stage of putting your best foot forward in the world of fashion so choose wisely.

How to do it: a degree in journalism or publishing is the way you’ll get some of the skills you’ll need to make it to the top of the fashion tree.


Article _netflix 04JD and the rest of the Scrubs gang might portray a pretty unrealistic view of medical school but that doesn’t stop us all wanting to be them.

Of course, we know the reality of being a doctor is blood, guts, and some other nasty stuff but you do get to help people, and if Scrubs is anything to go by, you’ll have a great time doing it.

How to do it: You’ll need a medical degree, there’s no getting out of it.

Black Mirror

Article _netflix 03This might be a fairly new career option but you can reach some pretty heady heights as a media guru. Not only is Charlie Brooker a Netflix hero but he’s also a hero in real life – meaning that there’s even more chance you could be him.

How to do it: choose a more modern degree option such as Media, Film Production, or Multi-media Journalism.