How to set up a student society

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Your social life is a large part of the university experience and one of the main ways that you make a new circle of friends when you’re a fresher is to join a society.

But what happens if there isn’t a society that you’re interested in?

The obvious answer is to start your own society, but it isn’t always as simple as that, there are some things you have to do to have a successful university society.

Here are our steps to setting up a student society:

Have an idea…

Your society needs to be something that doesn’t already exist and something that people want to join in with. Too common or too obscure isn’t going to cut it.

Your society is going to need a name, a focus, main initiatives, and a list of events and activities you will provide to your members.

Have a plan…

It’s time to sit down and brainstorm your ideas. Think about your mission statement, the organisational structure of the society, and your plan of action.

After you’ve done this put it all together in a constitution.

Get some followers…

Most student unions request a minimum number of members before they’ll approve a society so you’re going to need a strong group of followers before you apply.

Once you have people interested get their names and contact details on a spreadsheet.

Form a committee…

Choose your most dedicated members to be the committee who will organise and administrate the society.

Apply to your student union…

So you’ve got your members, your constitution, and your committee – now it’s time to apply to the student union. All universities have their own process for approving new societies so get in touch with the student union who can guide you through your application.

Be at the Freshers’ Fair…

Now you’ve been approved you’ll need new members to stay ahead of the game and a stall at the Freshers’ Fair is the best way to do this. Attract as many impressionable young freshers as possible – freebies and loud music are always popular!

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