What Should I Do On My Gap Year?

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Thinking about taking a gap year?

What you should do on your gap year is probably the biggest question you’ll ask yourself after “which university should I go to?” and it is a pretty big question to answer.

A gap year is a great opportunity to relax and have a breather after a whirlwind of A Level exams and university applications but it shouldn’t be all fun and games. A gap year is also your chance to boost your CV and add some life experience to your personal statement.

But what should you actually do on your gap year to make it worthwhile? We’ve got some ideas for you so you don’t spend a year sat on your parent’s sofa watching Judge Rinder!

Get some work experience

Even if you’re not sure about the direction of your future career getting some work experience that relates to your degree course will help you stand out from other graduates when you’re looking for your first real job.

For example, if you’re studying Medicine, work experience in a hospital, care home, pharmacy, or doctor’s surgery will give you relevant experience in the field you’re interested in.

Travel the world

Travelling broadens the mind and gives you a better perspective of the world as a whole. You don’t have to spend the whole year travelling but a few weeks doing something interesting such as inter-railing around Europe or hiking the Inca Trail will really enrich your life.

Teach English abroad

If you are thinking about travelling then why not combine it with teaching English to locals? You’ll need a Tefl qualification before you can teach but it’s worthwhile as you could travel the world on the back of it.

Build your skills

There are many ways that you can learn and build transferrable skills during your gap year. Whether you choose to do an internship, volunteer for a charity, or learn another language these will all give you skills that could make a difference to your CV.

In fact, all of the above suggestions are great ways to get CV boosting skills.