A Guide to Student Life in London

The capital city is an exciting place, especially if you're a student, and their is plenty of potential to make your student days the best time of your life.

In fact, London is such a popular student destination that there are roughly 135, 000 students living there during term time from all over the world.

So, what do you need to know about being a student in London?

Where to study

If you’re thinking of studying in London there are plenty of universities to choose from, including Imperial College London, Royal Holloway University, and University College London (UCL).

In total there are 47 universities and colleges in London that rank among the best and most prestigious in the world. No matter which subject you want to study there is a university for you.

For more specialist subjects you have the option of institutions such as the Royal Academy of Music, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and SOAS – University of London (the School of Oriental and African Studies).

How much will it cost you?

Ok, so nobody said that studying in London was going to be cheap, but it isn’t unaffordable either.

A 2014 survey revealed that London students will spend roughly £287 per week on rent, food, transport, and other study essentials. However, as students who study at London universities receive extra grants, these figures don’t have to be as scary as they sound.

Getting around

London probably has the most extensive integrated transport system in the UK so you shouldn’t have any problem getting around. The trams, bus, and tube system makes transport easy and removes the need for a car.

The cheapest way to get around London is by using an Oyster card, so make getting one of these a priority as soon as you arrive in the capital.

Where to live

You’ll find literally thousands of student flats in London so it all comes down to your budget. Expect to pay between roughly £80 - £130 per week for your accommodation depending on the quality and location.

Central London is rated as the best place to live as you’ll have everything you need close by and you won’t incur extra transport costs by travelling across zones to get to class or go for a night out.

Party time

Speaking of nights out, where do all the students go to have a good time outside of lectures?

In London you’ll have more options than you could ever imagine, so no matter what you like doing you’ll find somewhere you’ll love.

Club NME, Los Locos, and Popcorn at Heaven are all great places if you’re a fan of nightclubs. Those of you that like eating out will be pleased to hear that you’ll have all the student favourites such as Nando’s and Pizza Express, as well as independent restaurants serving food from all over the globe.

And of course, as the capital city, there are plenty of other entertainment venues and tourist attractions you can visit during your time as a student in London.