5 Ways to Deal with Homesickness

Dealing with homesickness is a totally normal part of moving away from home for the first time and going to university. Be kind to yourself and don’t feel as though you’re weak for missing home.

Almost everyone on campus will be feeling the same as you are, even if they look like the life and soul of the party, it’s how you deal with it that will make or break your Fresher’s Week experience.

Here are our five tips for dealing with homesickness when you first move to university:

1 – put yourself out there

Fresher’s Week has something for everyone so take advantage of the many and varied social situations on offer and get out there.

Although you might feel safer in your room, isolating yourself from the rest of the student population will only make your homesickness worse. You don’t have to fill your time 24/7, but don’t hide away until lectures start.

2 – bring a few reminders of home with you

University is a new chapter in your life but it doesn’t mean you’re leaving your old life behind. Your childhood teddy bear, blanket your Grandma knitted you, or cushion from your bedroom back home can all comfort you when you’re feeling a little down.

The same goes for photos of friends and family and other reminders of good times you had before you started university.

3 – plan a trip home, but not too soon

Dashing home at the first chance you get will only make your situation seem worse when you return to university.

Instead, plan the things you’ll do with family and friends when you go back for Christmas for example. That way, you have something to look forward to, but you’re still giving yourself a chance to settle into university life before you head home.

4 – ask for help

Getting overly anxious about something that is troubling you can often make it seem worse than it is.

If you have concerns about your studies, finances, accommodation, or anything else that’s bothering you then seek help at university. As well as academic staff, your university will also have teams for pastoral care, finance, accommodation, and other areas that students become concerned about.

5 – get to know the local area

Being in an unfamiliar place can leave you feeling anxious and missing home, so it’s time to get familiar with your new local area.

Take advantage of any tours that your university offers or go out for a day with your new housemates to explore. Most universities give out maps, bus timetables etc. to new students during Fresher’s Week so you can confidently explore without worrying about getting lost.