5 university courses you didn’t know existed

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Choosing which university course to take can be hard, especially if common courses such as English, Sports, or a PGSE don’t appeal to you. Luckily there are plenty of courses to choose from that aren’t so well known.

Here are our top 5 university courses that you didn’t know existed:

DJ Practice – University of Central Lancashire

If you quite fancy being a superstar DJ then why not get a degree?

As well as all the practical stuff part of the course teaches the theories behind DJ techniques and technology.  It isn’t just about mash-ups and remixes you know!

The course is offered by the University of Central Lancashire but taught at the School of Sound campus in London so you’ll be right where the action is whilst studying.

Baking Technology Management – London Southbank University

Huge GBBO fan? Then this is the perfect course for you!

Not only will you learn how to make the perfect Victoria Sponge (no soggy bottoms for you) you’ll also study bakery management, financial organisation, and leadership techniques.

By the end of the two year foundation course you’ll have the skills you need to make your bakery business a success.

Adventure Education – University of Chichester

Those of you that are thrill seekers and love the outdoors should seriously consider looking into this course at the University of Chichester.

You’ll study modules such as the philosophy of adventure education and develop the practical skills needed for the adventure environment.

Viticulture & Oenology – Plumpton College

No idea what is course is about? Neither did we until we looked into it! Essentially you’re going to spend three years learning how to make the perfect wine.

You’ll learn everything from which regions are the best for wine production to how to make your own top tipples.

Surf and Science Technology – University of Cornwall

Another course for the thrill seekers among you – you’ll learn everything from practical skills to the history of surfing.

You’ll also look into the psychology of surfers and have the chance to undertake a work placement with a surf-related company.

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