University Open Day Questions to Ask About Studying Chemistry

University open days are a fantastic way of really getting to know a university before you submit your application. It’s very easy to be sucked in all the glossy brochures and state of the art websites.

However, it’s vital that you make the right university choice for you. After all, you’re going to be spending the next three or four years of your life there, so you need to choose the right university.

University open days are particularly useful if you’re trying to choose between two, or even three, universities. On paper one university might look like the better choice, but when you arrive for the open day the university might not feel as good as it looked.

If you’re moving out of your local area to attend university then it’s worth finding some time to check out the area to make sure you like it. Make sure that there are the shops you need nearby – the walk home from the supermarket could be a long one!

Also have a look at the private student accommodation in the area if you’re not able to live in student halls for your entire time at university.

Here’s more about university open days:

What happens at a university open day?

A university open day is your chance to take a closer look at the campus, explore the sports and social facilities, and tour the accommodation. Some universities organise a set schedule for visiting potential students and others allow you to build your own timetable from a range of events.

Universities are likely to organise sample lectures, talks from tutors, other university staff, and current students. You’ll also usually find current students acting as tour guides and university ambassadors throughout the day.

The most important parts of a university open day are the opportunities to ask questions.

This is your time to ask any questions about the course, the university, student life, and anything else about your time at university.

What kind of questions should I ask at the open day?

It’s entirely up to you the questions you ask but here are a variety of questions that might give you some ideas – including university open day questions to ask about studying Chemistry.

General questions:

  • Are students allocated a personal tutor and can you change him/her if you wish?
  • Can you change to another degree programme within the School, and if so, at what stage?
  • Does the library stock enough recommended textbooks?
  • Does the university cater for your favourite sporting and social activities?
  • How employable will you be after graduating?
  • What are the library and computing facilities like?
  • What is university-owned accommodation like? (Ask current students for their honest opinion)
  • Are first year students guaranteed student accommodations in their first year?
  • Can I live in university-owned accommodation after my first year?

Questions about your application:

  • What do you look for in a personal statement from a Chemistry applicant?
  • Do you expect applicants to have undertaken work experience in the industry?
  • Do you accept students with non-standard qualifications?
  • Will I be required to attend an interview for the Chemistry course?

Questions about the Chemistry course:

  • Are my teachers also practitioners and do they still work in industry?
  • Are there any industrial placements/field trips?
  • Do I need any prior experience in this area before I start the course?
  • Do I need to complete a dissertation/ research based project?
  • How much time in the labs?
  • How much time will I need to spend in the library?
  • Is there a chance for me to study abroad?
  • What books/equipment is necessary for me to buy?
  • What is the split between exam/coursework/Group works/presentations?
  • What is the weighting for each year of the course?
  • What do current students enjoy or dislike about studying Chemistry?
  • What percentage of Chemistry students gain employment or take up postgraduate study after graduating?
  • Where will be learning – in lectures, seminars or in the lab?
  • I can’t choose between a 3 year BSc course or a 4 year MSci course – what advice would you give?
  • What kind of industrial placements are available?
  • Does the university help students organise industrial placements?
  • Can I spend a year studying/on an industrial placement abroad?