Nursing Open Days

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Open days are a great chance to find out more about the universities you are considering applying to and can be particularly useful if you’re torn between two or three universities.

You’ll be able to talk to current students about their experiences which will give you a better idea of what university life is really like.

Attending a university open day allows you to look around the university buildings, facilities, and student accommodation. The day will usually start with an introductory talk and after that you’ll have demonstrations, guided tours, subject talks, and the opportunity to have an informal talk with admissions staff and subject tutors.

If you’ve travelled a long way to attend the open day then it’s worth making time to look around the local area before you go home. You might not get another chance before you start term and you’ll be spending the next three or four years there so it’s important to be sure you’re making the right choice.Go to as many open days as you think you need too. Universities usually have more than one open day date, so if you’re not sure you could always attend twice!

Once you’ve applied to university you may also be invited to an “applicant day” where you’ll have a more course specific experience. This gives you a valuable opportunity to learn more about life as a nurse and the many career paths it can lead to.

For courses like Nursing you’ll also have a chance to find out more about the practical side of your course and work experience placements. It’s important to ask as many questions as you can whilst you’re at the open day.

Sometimes on general or pre-application open days you won’t have the chance to view the facilities for the clinical aspect of your course if they are in a working hospital.

You’ll usually have the chance to view the hospital after you’ve applied and been made an offer. An applicant day usually involves a tour of the hospital facilities and might also involve an individual or group interview.