Why attend University open days?

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Deciding which university to attend can be a very hard decision to make. After all, whichever one you choose is going to be your home for the next three or four years, so it’s important to be sure you’re making the right choice.

Doing research on the university website or course prospectus should give you some idea of what a university is like but the best way to decide whether a university is right for you is to attend one of their official open days.

Here are the main advantages of attending a university open day:

You’ll get more information on your course

Even if you already know which course or subject area you’re applying for going to a university open day gives you the chance to meet course tutors, lecturers, and students currently studying your course.

You’ll be able to ask face to face questions and get further information, for example a sample reading list if you’re applying to study English Literature.

You can see the university facilities

As well as choosing the right course it’s also important to make sure the university has the facilities you’re looking for. You might be interested in the library, sports facilities, student union, or halls of residence.

You can explore the local area

Another reason that attending an open day is helpful is that it gives you a chance to explore the local area. The university will be able to give you information on amenities such as shops and tell you more about the local attractions and nightlife.

You’ll make new friends

Starting university when you don’t know anyone on your course can be daunting, but don’t worry, everyone is in the same boat. Attending an open day gives you the chance to meet your classmates before term even starts.

Ask yourself – do you like the university?

Sometimes, you just get a feeling about a place and you either love it or hate it. A university open day might be the deciding factor and help your figure out whether that university is the right fit for you.