Postgraduate open days

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Do you stay at university to do a postgraduate course and hopefully boost your employability? Or do you step into the big wide world of job hunting? This is a difficult decision that you will almost definitely be faced with at the end of your undergraduate course and this is where postgraduate open days come in handy.

The same principle applies to this type of open day. Research is your best friend. Narrowing down the universities that you want to visit should be slightly easier as you will have a good idea of the course that you wish to study. It’s sensible to book if you can as there will be a limited number of staff available to talk to about your expectations of a postgraduate course.

ATU-TSR-MPUYou may be lucky to be given the opportunity to attend a subject taster session depending on which university you look at. This will help you in deciding whether you have enough interest in the subject to study it further. If you want to talk to a certain professor about a potential research topic or some other aspect of a postgraduate course, check that they will be there on the open day.

Each department is usually represented at a postgraduate open day and there will be someone to talk to about each individual course. There may be course talks as well as talks or presentations on funding and student support. Current postgraduate students will be more than happy to share their experiences so talk to them if they are available and ask some questions.

As postgraduate students are still the minority, some universities don’t hold postgraduate open days. If you are looking to study at one of these universities, you can book an individual visit which may be more useful as you will have the chance to ask more in-depth questions.