Do you have to go to university open days?

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Reading about something and actually seeing it are two very different things. A particular university or course might not sound so good on paper or it might sound fantastic. Hearing student’s opinions and seeing the university and its facilities might alter your way of thinking. 

An aspect of university open days that people overlook is the people. You will be able to see the type of people that could potentially be joining you for a few years. If you don’t feel comfortable, this university may not be for you. You wouldn’t spend a small fortune on something without seeing it first. It’s the same with a university degree: try before you buy. You are going to be spending a minimum of 3 years of your life there and a whole lot of money so it makes sense to check that this is the right place for you. Open days give you a chance to go to a talk on courses that you might be interested in. Do your research before so that you can plan your day properly and make the most out of it. Going to these talks and demonstrations will give you an idea if this is something that you want to spend time studying. You might listen to staff and students talk about another subject and completely change your mind about the direction you want your career to go in. 

MPUOpen days are also a great way to look at student accommodation. In another situation, you wouldn’t rent a property without seeing it so why should university residences be any different? You will be able to find out about all the different types of accommodation plus prices and see what one is right for you. 

No one can force you to go to an open day. The only person who can decide to go to a university open day or to go to university at all is you. It seems like a good idea to make an informed choice about something that is so important. Open days will give you the information to make that better choice.