Cardiff University - open day app review

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The Cardiff University open day app is easy to access – you can either click the link on the website or scan the code on your mobile phone – so you don’t need to download anything from your app store.

I followed the link on the website to take me straight to the app. The home page is simple, brightly coloured, and easy to navigate so you can access all of the information you need quickly.

Not only does the app give you all of the information about the university it also provides links to other websites so you can find out about important things such as transport links and where to eat on campus.

The app presents a well-rounded view of life at Cardiff University and gives you the following information:

  • Maps
  • Talks & Tours
  • Academic School Programmes
  • Where to eat
  • Scholarship calculator
  • Thrive
  • Downloadable leaflets and brochures
  • Course finder
  • Accessibility advice
  • Why Cardiff?
  • 10 things to do on the day
  • News
  • Contacts
  • Videos

As well as using the app you can also tweet to Cardiff University using #cardiffopenday and the best tweets will be retweeted by the university.

I give the Cardiff University open day app 4/5 stars – a few more pictures would have been nice!