The 5 Important Documents Every International Student Will Need

The correct documentation is important for all students, but particularly if you’re an international student coming to study in the UK.

Remember, you’ll need the original documents for the majority of these things so don’t think you’ll be able to photocopy or have electronic copies instead of the real thing.

Here are the five important documents you’ll need to make sure are in your hand luggage and kept safe once you’re at university.

1. Your passport

Of course, you’ll need this to get into the country but you’ll also need it throughout the rest of the year when you’re required to show photo ID.

2. Your visa

Before you apply to university you’ll need to check whether you need a visa to study in the UK.

You can find further information on Tier 4 Visas here.

3. Your medical documents

Depending on the country you’re coming from, you may need a TB test as part of your visa. You’ll then need to bring a medical certificate or chest x-ray with you to prove this has been done.

You can find out whether you’ll need a TB test here.

It may also be a good idea to bring medical records or details of any existing medical conditions if you have them to make treatment in the UK easier.

4. Your academic and application information

You’ll need proof of your academic achievements to enrol on your course and you’ll also need any emails, offer letters, or other university documentation.

5. Evidence of financial support

This could be a bank statement or details of your scholarship, award, or sponsorship information. Again, this information is an essential part of the enrolment process so don’t leave it behind.