Finding Your Feet when Studying Abroad – Apply to Uni’s Top Three Tips for Getting Settled in the UK

Coming to the UK to study will be a great experience and we’re sure you’ll be welcomed both on and off campus.

Thousands of students come to the UK every year from a whole host of countries and settle at any of the hundreds of universities that the UK has to offer.

All students are bound to feel apprehensive about going to university, especially if it’s their first time away from home. This can be even worse for international students as this may also be the first time they’ve left their home country.

However, you’ll find plenty of support at your university and the majority have a specialised department for international students to get advice and share their concerns.

This also usually involves hosting and organising social events both exclusively for international students and for the rest of the student body to showcase the different cultures that international students come from.

We definitely recommend asking your university what’s on offer in terms of support and social events when you apply or attend an open day or information event.

Here are three other top tips from Apply to Uni to help you get settled in the UK:

Do your admin tasks as soon as possible

Whilst university is meant to be fun, there are also some practical things you need to do on arrival before the start of term.

Depending on the terms of your visa you may need to register with the local police within seven days of arriving in the UK. Some universities hold registration events on campus to make this easier, but with others you’ll need to visit the local police station with the correct documents. Your university will be able to tell you what you need to do.

Aside from this, you’ll also need to officially enrol at the university and register with a local doctor to ensure you can access NHS healthcare if and when you need to. Again, your university may run registration events for this to make it easier for you.

Get out and explore the local area

Nothing will make you feel more at home than being familiar with your surroundings. Your university may offer guided tours or they might provide a map and let you explore your new home in your own time.

You can go alone or why not combine exploring with making new friends and invite your housemates along? It’s important to know where all the local amenities are and how to get to and from campus from the town.

Get advice from other students

You can do this before you even arrive in the UK using the university website and social media. Talk to current students and alumni about the things they enjoy(ed) the most about university to get ideas about what you might like when you get there.

Once you’re at university you can spend the first few weeks checking out their recommendations. You never know, you might discover an amazing restaurant you’d have otherwise missed or find out the best place to get a hangover curing kebab at 3am.