Social Studies Degree Courses

Social -Studies 01

Social -Studies 01Social Studies covers a number of disciplines, from Social Policy and Community Research to Youth Studies. What each of these will have in common however is them is a focus on way that the interaction between different groups of people shapes our lives. Often concerned with social improvement, conducting research under the banner of Social Studies often appeals to people with a strong interest in improving the lives of their fellow man. A background in social sciences, especially Sociology, is always an advantage as many of the empirical techniques that are used to conduct further research will be included in this subject.

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Some Courses in Social Studies:

  • Sociology (L300)
  • Social Studies (L310)
  • Criminology (M931)
  • Social Work (L500)
  • Working with Children, Young People and Families (L590)
  • Police Studies with Criminological Psychology (L4C8)
  • Early Childhood Studies (X310)
  • Health and Social Care (L510)
  • Third World Development and Sociology (LL93)
  • Anthropology (L602)
  • Sociology with Psychology (L3C8)
  • Abuse Studies (L590)
  • Sport, Culture and Society (CL63)