Politics Degree Courses

Politics 01

Politics 02Politics focuses on the way in which ideological and practical systems have been implemented, throughout history and into the present day, to deal with such fundamental areas as freedom, democracy and the successful organisation of society. If you find yourself always trying to find out more detail behind the day's current affairs or news stories then a degree in politics may be for you. If you are also interested in impacting on the lives of others, this could be the discipline to explore, as it provides a strong grounding for future work in local, national or even international politics. 

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Some Courses in Politics:

  • Politics (L200)
  • Business Management and Politics (NL22)
  • Economics and Politics (LL12)
  • Criminology and Politics (LM29)
  • International Relations (L250)
  • International Politics (L240)
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (LV00)
  • International Relations and Global Issues (LL29
  • Politics and Sociology (LL23)
  • Politics and Communication Studies (LP29)