Philosophy Degree Courses

Philosophy 01

Philosophy 02Philosophy asks the fundamental questions about life, adopting a range of perspectives through which to frame these intellectual enquiries on subjects as broad as religion, morality and ethics. Expect to learn about the history and development of the discipline, from classical philosophy to more contemporary thinkers, as well as developing your own ability to formulate, debate and apply opinions in a logical and methodical manner. Many applicants will already have a background in the field from school, but a questioning mind and an aptitude for reading, writing and debating could mean that Philosophy is the subject for you even if you haven't encountered it before.

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Some Courses in Philosophy:

  • Philosophy (V500)
  • Philosophy, Politics, Ethics (LV25)
  • Philosophy and Business (NV15)
  • Philosophy and Film (VP53)
  • Law and Philosophy (MV15)
  • Philosophy and Politics (LV25)
  • Philosophy with Human Rights (V5M9)
  • Mathematics and Philosophy (GV15)
  • History and Philosophy (VV1M)
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (L0V0)