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Anthropology is the study of human behaviour encompassing areas such as biology, cultural studies, health, ethnography, symbolism, sociology, psychology and archaeology. This discipline seeks to understand human behaviour and social structures on a global scale.

A high level of cultural awareness, problem solving and constructing arguments are key skills for those wishing to study anthropology.  Most subjects are acceptable to study anthropology, with an average of 300 UCAS points from A-level.

Anthropology demonstrates diversity and cultural awareness, which can take you into a wide variety of careers, from international charity organisations such as LiveAID, to journalism, marketing and PR.

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Some Courses in Anthropology:

  • Anthropology (L600)
  • Archaeology and Anthropology (VL46)
  • Social Anthropology (L600)
  • Social Anthropology and Politics (LL62)
  • Irish and Social Anthropology (QL56)
  • Social Anthropology (L600)
  • History and Anthropology (LVP1)
  • Archaeology and Anthropology (FL46)