Combined Science Degree Courses

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Combined Science offers students the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics, covering a number of different syllabuses. As subjects that are covered at school, you will already have some idea whether you enjoy them and would like to continue doing them at degree level. If you do enjoy each of the sciences, but are unsure of where your future specialty may lie, then Combined Sciences could be the perfect course for you; offering you the chance to study each subject at a higher level before specialising in your career or at postgraduate level. As with all combined courses, each subject should inform the other, so it's also a great way to build a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of science. Do think carefully before choosing the Combined Course, however, as studying three subjects at the same time, however related, can also be a huge challenge. Make sure you know that it's a great fit for your interests, potential and future goals before applying.

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