Biology Degree Courses

Biology 01

Biology is the scientific study of all facets of the natural world. As one of the 'big three' scientific disciplines, you will almost certainly have encountered biology at school and have some idea of what sort of subjects you will be covering. You will also be aware that, like all sciences, it favours a methodical and logical approach to learning about the natural world that would best suit those with a similar temperament and approach to their own work. If this sounds like you, Biology could be a rewarding and fascinating subject, unpicking, as it does, the beauty and poetry of the natural world and explaining how it is all put together. If you have always been fascinated by al forms of life, from those at the top of the food chain to the tiniest bacteria, then Biology is definitely a subject that you should consider. Assessment will likely be through a combination of exams, lab work and essays, so you will also need to be comfortable with most, or all, of these working practices.

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