Astrophysics Degree Courses

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Astrophysics has never been more popular, with prime time television series, such as those hosted by Professor Brian Cox, waking up a whole new generation of people to the fascinating potential of studying the universe. As a hybrid of astronomy and physics, however, anyone thinking of taking on Astrophysics at degree level will need to be sure that they have as much passion for maths and its applications within theory as they do for stargazing. Dealing with the physics of the universe, this subject really offers and opportunity to get to grips with the 'big questions' and those high up in the field can often sound more like philosophers than scientists! For those with the mathematical skill and the intellectual passion to pursue it, therefore, it can prove to be an exciting and inspiring field to work in. If you're considering Astrophysics, you will probably already have a background in both Physics and Maths and will have a good idea of the challenges and rewards the subject could present.

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