Top 5 UK Universities for Psychology

 Top 5 Universities for Psychology

Psychology continues to be a highly popular course with thousands of students every year flocking to gain a greater understanding of the human mind and the conditions which affect it.

Graduates of Psychology go on to a variety of different careers, with many students opting for further study to gain their doctorate and working in clinical practice.

If you’re considering a career in Psychology then you want to know you’re getting the best possible education.

Here are the top five UK universities for Psychology:

University of Cambridge

Offering a single course within the Psychology bracket, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences BA, the University of Cambridge ranks the best in the UK.

Entry requirements are A*AA so you’ll need to have a near perfect academic record to be offered a place.

The degree course is accredited by the British Psychological Society and many of the academic staff are world leaders in their particular field of study.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers three courses which fall under the Psychology bracket – Experimental Psychology, Psychology and Philosophy, and Psychology and Linguistics – giving you the opportunity to tailor your degree to suit your area of interest.

Entry requirements for the Experimental Psychology course are A*AA, as high as the University of Cambridge, with an 80% employment rate and 96% of students graduating with a 2:1 or above mark.

The university is known for the quality of its research, as well as teaching standards, so there are regular research seminars on offer in addition to the undergraduate lecture and seminar programme.

University of Bath

There are two undergraduate Psychology degrees offered by the University of Bath – a three year Psychology BSc and a four year Psychology BSc which includes a placement year.

Again, the typical entry requirement is A*AA and the University of Bath prides itself on being one of the few UK universities to offer a professional placement as a standard part of the course.

Placements are offered both in the UK and internationally, with a large part of the course focusing on transferrable skills and making sure graduates are workplace ready.

University of St Andrews

The Scottish university offers a range of courses within the Psychology bracket including Psychology (Science) BSc, Mathematics and Psychology (Science) BSc, and Biology and Psychology BSc.

The university also offers a degree in Neuroscience if you’re not sure that Psychology is the right path for you. this flexible approach to teaching allows students to take three subjects in their first year and two subjects in their second.

Entry requirements are high for all courses, ranging from AAA – AAB in most cases.

University College London

There are three undergraduate Psychology courses on offer at the London based university – Psychology BSc, Psychology and Language Sciences BSc, and Psychology with Education BA/BSc.

The university is known for their excellent resources and students are encouraged to pursue their own areas of interest during their final year of study.

Entry requirements range from A*AA – AAA across all courses and the Psychology programme is accredited by the British Psychological Society.