Zoology Degree Courses

Zoology 01

Zoology 02While there are many of us who 'like animals' anyone considering studying Zoology, and building and career in the field after graduation, will need to be driven as much by a passion for Biology as they are for  wildlife watching. Very much a science-based course, you will need to have a grasp of the methodical research practices which lay behind a thorough understanding of the animal kingdom. You will also need to have an interest in conducting 'hands on', field-based research, as many courses will include an element of this type of study. Bearing that in mind, Zoology could provide the perfect fit for anyone who is fascinated by the physical world and has a particular interest in all creatures great and small. From the tiniest mammal to the biggest predator, each animal adds something unique to the complex systems that structure our world. Zoology is the ideal fit for anyone inspired by finding out exactly what.

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