Veterinary Medicine Degree Courses

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Veterinary -Medicine 02Veterinary Medicine is an ideal fit or any applicant with a strong aptitude for science subjects and a passion for animals. Like an ordinary medical degree, the path to qualifying in Veterinary Medicine is a long and difficult one. Vets must have a strong grasp of the physiology and treatment of any number of different species and, even then, you're never sure what might walk through the door. A talent for research is a must, therefore, as you will need to continue updating your knowledge throughout your career. Most Veterinary Medicine degrees are five years plus work experience so you must be sure that you are committed to the field before applying. Once qualified, however, the rewards can be substantial, financially, professionally and, for animal lovers, emotionally.

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Some Courses in Veterinary Medicine:

  • Veterinary Science (D100)
  • Veterinary Medicine (D100)
  • Animal Science (D320)
  • Veterinary Nursing Science (D310)
  • Bioveterinary Science (D390)
  • Accelerated Veterinary Medicine (D102)
  • Veterinary Science with Pre-Veterinary Year (D101)