Pharmacology Degree Courses

Pharmacology 01Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their effect on the human body. As such, it falls under the broad umbrella of medicine but requires a shorter time commitment to qualify, usually four or five years. After graduation qualified pharmacologists may find themselves undertaking a variety of roles, from advising customers in a chemist's to provide consultation at large hospitals. An interest in and aptitude for the sciences, particularly Chemistry, is an absolute must for all applicants. As with all medical qualifications, make sure that your course is fully accredited before applying or you may be unable to work within an industry that is necessarily highly regulated.

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Some Courses in Pharmacology:

  • Pharmacology (B210)
  • Immunology and Pharmacology (BC25)
  • Physiology and Pharmacology (BB12)
  • Neuroscience (B140)
  • Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology (F1BF)
  • Pharmacology and Physiology (BB12)
  • Pharmacology (Foundation) (B212)
  • Pharmacology and Business (BN21)