Osteopathy Degree Courses

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Osteopathy focuses mainly on musculoskeletal disorders, based on the principle that the body has the ability to heal itself without recourse to drugs or other medicines. A recognised medical practice, however, osteopaths are required to gain a high level of medical knowledge in their training and offer treatment for a wide range of conditions. As such, it is important not to confuse Osteopathy with other 'alternative' medicines, such as homeopathy, despite its broadly holistic approach. You will need to enjoy studying sciences, particularly Biology, if you are going to gain the in depth knowledge of the human body needed to treat patients. Equally, you will be expected to complete a number of hours of clinical practice before you qualify, so you will also need to able to adopt a 'hands on' approach. Very much centred on treating the 'whole' patient, anyone interested in training to be an osteopath will also need to enjoy talking to people and have good communication skills.

If you are interested in osteopathy, you may also be interested in Physiotherapy or Chiropractic degree courses.

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