Medical Degree Courses

Medicine 01

Medicine 02Undertaking the study of Medicine is not for the faint hearted. It's a long road to becoming a doctor and one that is likely to challenge you intellectually, emotionally, physically and financially along the way. That said the rewards are often great, not least financially. If being paid to change people's lives for the better is your idea of a dream job, and you possess a strong aptitude for the sciences, Medicine could be a perfect fit for you. Studying Medicine usually takes five years, with several more years of on the job training. There are numerous areas in which you can specialise so have a think about what you might like to study long term to see if there are any specific courses or departments that focus on this before applying.

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Some Courses in Medicine:

  • Medicine (A100)
  • Rescue and Emergency Management (N290)
  • Medical Sciences (B901)
  • Applied Sciences (Pathway to Medicine) (00FC)
  • Biomedical Science (B900)
  • Pharmacy (B230)