Journalism Degree Courses

While Journalism constitutes a challenging and rewarding academic degree, bear in mind that it also trains you for a specific career. You will be taught all aspects of the professional journalist's trade, from theoretical aspects, such as media ethics and law, to the practical, such as article composition and shorthand. There will almost certainly be a work experience element to most Journalism degrees too, so it's perfect for those with a flair for the written word who are excited by the idea of working within the media. Remember; different courses may focus on news, magazine or even broadcast journalism, so be sure to do some serious thinking about which area appeals to you most before applying.

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Some Courses in Journalism:

  • Journalism (P500)
  • Magazine Journalism (P501)
  • International Journalism (P502)
  • Journalism and Media (PP53)
  • Fashion Journalism (WP25)
  • Music Journalism (WP35)
  • Sports Journalism (W803)
  • Film Studies and Journalism (PP35)
  • Journalism and Media & Cultural Studies (PP53)