Studying Science and Maths

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Putting you in the driving seat

Forensic -scientistOur world is constantly changing and evolving. There have been good changes, like the web, which has revolutionised the way information is stored and accessed. But there have also been bad changes. We have been making huge demands on the planet's resources and the environment, and now need to find new solutions for almost everything humans do, from fuel production to waste disposal.

Studying science and maths will prepare you for a job that will put you in the driving seat; giving you skills and knowledge to improve the world around us, and even the future of the planet.

Variety of roles

There are lots of fascinating and crucial roles that maths and science can prepare you for:

  • Designing ecologically friendly energy sources
  • Developing new modes of communication
  • Helping people to live more sustainably
  • Producing safe, environmentally friendly and healthy products, from aeroplanes to chocolate bars
  • Working with farmers to improve crop production
  • Protecting the environment and combating the effects of climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and limiting global warming
  • Finding alternative methods for supplying clean water
  • Discovering new medicines and vaccines for treating killer diseases, techniques for surgery or gene therapy

And… there is still space to explore!